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At Advantage Mini Storage, we are committed to helping our customers through their transitions. Such times often raise the need for moving boxes and supplies for our customers. We carry all kinds of moving and storage supplies in our Penticton facility. We have a complete range of sturdy, mover-grade boxes and packing supplies to facilitate safe transportation and storage of your valuable possessions.

If you are planning to visit our facility, you can explore our storage units as well as the packing and moving supplies section to see what we have in store for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Please note all box dimensions are in inches.

  • 2 Cube Box
    This smaller moving box is 18”x15.25”x12.5”.

  • 4 Cube Box
    This mid-sized box is 18.25”x18.25”x20.5”.

  • 6 Cube Box
    Pack pillows, linens, clothing and other light items. This box is ideal for lampshades, pots and pans, toys and other irregular items.

  • China Barrel
    Double-layer corrugation provides incredible strength for china and other items that are very heavy or need increased protection.

  • Wardrobe Box
    Store summer or winter clothing, or move your best outfits without damage. It is also great for drapes and bedding. Use it as a portable closet for seasonal clothes storage. It comes with a sturdy metal bar and also fits artificial Christmas trees, garden tools and other garage items for moving.

  • Mirror Box (Large)
    This box is ideal for larger pictures and mirrors, and it will even fit a flat-screen TV.

  • Mirror Box (Small)
    This is ideal for small mirrors, pictures and artwork as well as large serving trays.

  • Moving Supplies
    Don’t get caught without the proper supplies. Advantage has got you covered.

  • Key Locks
    Use your own lock or buy one from us. It includes two keys.

  • Tape
    Secure and seal your valuables.

  • Tape Dispenser
    This easy-to-use tape dispenser will speed up your packing.

  • Rope
    Secure your load while moving it. Its length is 50’ (15m).

  • Box Cutter
    This is a handy item when packing and repacking your valuables.

  • Wrapping Paper
    This is an inexpensive solution to wrapping and filling voids in a package. It’s available in 5lb and 10lb bundles. It protects dishes, china, ceramics and glassware using less space than bubble wrap. Skip the newspaper. Use our clean, non-staining paper.

  • Bubble Wrap
    Bubble wrap is the best protection against shock and breakage for valuables. It will stretch around irregular items and prevent “migration” within a box. It doesn’t crush like paper. We offer two lengths and bubble sizes to suit your needs.

  • Mattress Bags
    Fully protect your mattress and box spring against tearing, damage, dirt, grime and weather while moving. Our mattress bags feature extra thick plastic that slides on and off easily. They are available in single, double, queen and king sizes. We also have a sofa cover that fits most sofas and loveseats for excellent protection.


Explore our packing and moving material selection and find the right supplies at great prices.

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